Terex Introduces CTT 202-10 Flat Top Tower Crane

The new Terex CTT 202-10 is available in three chassis options, from budget to performance, with base options of 3.8m, 4.5m and 6m.
Available with H20, TS21 and TS16 masts, the new cranes are available in widths from 1.6m to 2.1m, enabling customers to manage component inventories while cost-effectively meeting tower height requirements.
“With this new Terex CTT 202-10 tower crane model, we have launched a very flexible and competitive crane. Our main focus has always been to develop efficient and versatile cranes that provide us with customers with the best return on investment,” said Nicola Castenetto, Terex Tower Cranes Business Development Manager.
“In addition to delivering excellent product performance at an attractive price, we also forecast high residual values ​​to meet future customer needs.”
The CTT 202-10 flat-top tower crane offers a wide range of options, offering customers nine different boom configurations from 25m to 65m to suit different jobsite needs.
With its competitive load chart, the crane offers a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes at lengths up to 24.2m, depending on the boom setting, and can lift up to 65m at boom lengths 2.3 ton load.
In addition, the Terex Power Plus feature will temporarily allow a 10% increase in the maximum load moment under specific and controlled conditions, thereby providing the operator with additional lifting capacity under these conditions.
Fully adjustable seat and joystick controls with short travel length provide a comfortable working experience during long shifts.
Plus, built-in heating and air conditioning maintain a consistent cabin temperature, regardless of winter temperatures below freezing or summer heat.
The large 18cm full color display with anti-glare screen provides the operator with operational and troubleshooting data.
Lift, swing and trolley speeds are designed to allow operators to move and position heavy loads efficiently and accurately.
The crane’s new control system with expanded configuration options enables the CTT 202-10 to quickly adapt to different jobsite needs.
The control package includes Terex Power Matching, which allows operators to choose between operating performance or reduced energy consumption to meet lifting needs.
Depending on tower configuration, the new CTT 202-10 crane offers a maximum underhook height of 76.7 meters and a competitive maximum crane height to reduce construction time and site costs.
Optimized for transport, all tower sections are pre-installed with aluminium ladders for efficient installation.In addition, each boom section has an independent lifeline to aid in safe high-altitude installations, and galvanized boom walkways extend working life.
The new Terex CT 202-10 flat-top tower crane can be equipped with a radio remote control, allowing operators to work remotely if necessary, improving operational efficiency.The new crane is ready to install the available zoning and collision avoidance system and cameras as well as the next generation Terex tower telematics system T-Link.

Post time: May-24-2022