Brief Analysis Of The Operation Of The Bulk Raw Materials Market

Under the influence of electricity and production restrictions, raw materials were generally in tight supply, and bulk raw material prices were either briefly stable or slightly upward. Specific product markets are running as follows.

[White Aluminium Oxide] supply tension, price increases can be expected

September 29, Sanmenxia Shaanxi corundum park electricity prices up, Sanmenxia Wanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. generator set only open a group, and open 24 hours stop 24 hours, the park corundum enterprise start load in about 50%; the beginning of the National Day, due to the tight coal resources, power supply is seriously inadequate, Shandong Chiping Industrial Park white corundum enterprises have all stopped production, the specific time to be determined, the enterprise almost no inventory for export.

The main production area shut down, resulting in a tight supply of white corundum, the early orders can not even be executed, the market shortage is serious, white corundum section sand market prices have risen to about 6000 yuan / ton, even so, buyers are difficult to buy goods. Some companies also said that the spot price of alumina during the National Day is not clear, white corundum is not good pricing, but price increases are inevitable.

[Brown Aluminium Oxide]Serious shortage of goods enterprises cautious to take orders

Brown Aluminium Oxide basically maintain the status quo, Guizhou area enterprises still retain security load, most enterprises in a state of suspension; Henan Sanmenxia after the rise in electricity prices, power plant power supply is still inadequate, enterprise start-up load in about 50%; Henan Dengfeng area smelting enterprises are still in the suspension; Shanxi area enterprises are also subject to the impact of production and power restrictions, the supply of goods is tight.

Overall, the Brown Aluminium Oxide market shortage is serious, most manufacturers have not received new orders, shipments are the previous orders. Some companies said that the shortage of goods in October may have been continued, Brown Aluminium Oxide prices are likely to be adjusted upwards.

[Silicon Carbide]Silicon Carbide Market Price Confusion Remains

September 23 silicon carbide overnight surge after the silicon carbide market price chaos, a silicon carbide block 13,000 yuan / ton, two silicon carbide block 11,000 yuan / ton, three silicon carbide block 8000 yuan / ton price no deal, but the silicon carbide transaction price has been true up, the purchaser fire to grab goods. According to feedback from silicon carbide enterprises, orders for segment sand and fine powder are now being scheduled for shipment. Processors as well as silicon carbide smelters with processing facilities are consuming their stocks at an accelerated rate.

6 news, Tianzhu silicon carbide due to energy assessment shutdown of seven enterprises is expected to resume production, Ningxia silicon carbide manufacturers have not been the exact news of the shutdown, but production restrictions can not be denied.

As ferrosilicon prices soared driven by two or three silicon carbide demand, the actual demand for first-class silicon carbide can not support the surge in silicon carbide prices, a silicon carbide up power is not enough, so the ultra-high price of silicon carbide may really be short-lived. Although, a level of silicon carbide block 13000 yuan / ton price can not be achieved, but manufacturers have in waiting 10000 yuan / ton deal, there are also rumors, Ningxia area manufacturers and silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide brick manufacturers to 10,500 yuan / ton price signed a level of silicon carbide block order, can be ready to pick up before the Spring Festival.

According to information and materials, silicon carbide enterprises cautiously accept orders, some orders price a single negotiation, a silicon carbide transaction price from 8500-9000 yuan / ton are traded, the price is quite confusing.

Post time: Oct-30-2021