The role of construction elevators in building construction

Construction elevators are usually called construction elevators, but construction elevators include a broader definition, and construction platforms also belong to the construction elevator series. A simple construction elevator is composed of a car, a driving mechanism, a standard section, an attached wall, a chassis, a fence, and an electrical system. It is a manned and cargo construction machine often used in buildings. It is comfortable and safe to ride. The construction elevator is usually used in conjunction with the tower crane on the construction site. The general load is 0.3-3.6 tons, and the running speed is 1-96M/min. The construction elevators produced in my country are becoming more and more mature and are gradually going international.

Construction elevators are also called construction elevators for buildings, and can also be used as outdoor elevators to lift cages on construction sites. Construction elevators are mainly used in various urban high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, because such building heights are very difficult for the use of well-frames and gantry to complete the operation. It is a manned and cargo construction machine often used in buildings, mainly used for the interior and exterior decoration of high-rise buildings, the construction of bridges, chimneys and other buildings. Because of its unique box structure, it is comfortable and safe for construction workers to ride. Construction hoists are usually used in conjunction with tower cranes on construction sites. The general construction elevator has a load capacity of 1-10 tons and a running speed of 1-60m/min.

There are many types of construction hoists, which are divided into two types according to the operation mode: no counterweight and counterweight; according to the control mode, they are divided into manual control type and automatic control type. According to actual needs, frequency conversion device and PLC control module can also be added, and floor calling device and leveling device can also be added.asdad

Post time: May-25-2022