What are the precautions for the tower

a. The installation of the tower crane should be carried out when the wind speed at the highest point of the tower crane is not greater than 8m/s.

b. Must follow tower erection procedures.

c. Pay attention to the selection of hoisting points, and choose hoisting tools of appropriate length and reliable quality according to the hoisting parts.

d. All the detachable pins of each part of the tower crane, the bolts and nuts connected to the tower body are all special special parts, and users are not allowed to replace them at will.
e. Safety protection devices such as escalators, platforms, and guardrails must be installed and used,

f. The number of counterweights must be correctly determined according to the boom length (see related chapters). Before installing the boom, a 2.65t counterweight must be installed on the balance arm. Be careful not to exceed this number.

g. After the boom is installed, it is strictly forbidden to lift the boom until the specified balance weight is installed on the balance boom.

h. The installation of the standard section and the reinforced section shall not be arbitrarily exchanged, otherwise the jacking cannot be carried out.

i. The general standard section can only be installed after 5 sections of tower body strengthening standard section have been installed.

Post time: Mar-07-2022