Zoomlion released a new generation of energy-saving construction hoists, which has been highly praised by customers

Zoomlion’s new generation of energy-saving construction lift SC200/200EB (BWM-4S) (hereinafter referred to as BWM-4S) was released in Changde, Hunan and successfully delivered to customers. BWM-4S is another ingenious work of Zoomlion to implement the 4.0 product development strategy. Once launched, it has been widely sought after by customers and has received orders for more than 6,000 units.
It is understood that the construction hoist is an engineering equipment tool commonly used in infrastructure projects to transport personnel and materials, and has a broad space for development in the future. With the advancement of science and technology and the maturity of industry development, compared with the previous requirements for construction elevator equipment, the market now puts forward higher expectations for construction elevators in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, intelligence, and humanization.

Inheriting the SC200/200EB (BWM-3S) design concept of “energy saving and intelligence”, and at the same time improving in all aspects of “safety, intelligence, energy saving and humanization”, the birth of Zoomlion’s new generation of energy-saving construction lifts will be effective Solve the pain points of the industry and help the industry to develop in a healthy and rapid manner.
Safe and intelligent, the choice for peace of mind
Zoomlion BWM-4S has carried out repeated technical experiments in terms of safety in combination with the actual application scenarios of construction elevators, and has achieved key technological breakthroughs. The product has anti-falling zero-speed hovering technology, anti-slipping car step-down and speed reduction, etc., to ensure the safety of the equipment.

In terms of intelligent application, Zoomlion BWM-4S has also made many attempts. According to Liu Haihua, Product Development Manager: “As a professional special equipment, construction hoists are particularly important for the control of drivers. Zoomlion has successively introduced control measures such as identification cards, hierarchical management, and special personnel cards. A new generation of energy-saving construction The elevator applies face recognition technology to the equipment, and uses the face recognition system to carry out hierarchical management of drivers, maintenance personnel, and equipment managers, making the equipment safer to use.”

In addition, Zoomlion BWM-4S automatic leveling accuracy has been further improved, and the control accuracy is within 5 mm. The fault self-diagnosis technology based on the intelligent controller can realize more than 100 kinds of fault diagnosis, and the fault information will be synchronized to the Zoomlion e-housekeeper APP, maintenance personnel can analyze the fault information in advance to improve the maintenance efficiency.
Energy efficient, economical choice

In line with the market requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, Zoomlion BWM-4S adopts a new generation of high-efficiency reducer and high-efficiency variable frequency motor, and the power of the whole machine is 14kW lower than that of the industry.

According to the technical person in charge of Zoomlion, the efficiency of the high-efficiency reducer equipped with the BWM-4S elevator is as high as 95%, which is nearly 20% higher than the previous efficiency. The oil change cycle of the reducer is 4 years, and the oil only needs to be changed once in a lifetime, and the quality is well recognized by customers. The high-efficiency variable frequency motor has also achieved efficiency improvement, the failure rate has been reduced by 80%, and the service life of the brake pads has been increased from the original 1 year to 4 years.
“Compared with ordinary construction elevators, energy-saving construction elevators have outstanding performance in energy saving. It can save about 20,000 yuan in electricity bills a year. It has a very high return on investment and is the best choice for customers.” Liu Haihua introduced. .

Humanized upgrade, comfortable choice

In terms of humanized upgrade, Zoomlion BWM-4S also brings new value features to customers. The new generation of energy-saving construction hoists has been comprehensively improved in terms of operating comfort and post-maintenance.
The product has suspension link technology, which makes the lift run as smoothly as a high-speed rail and improves comfort. At the same time, a closed-loop control system is used. The control precision is higher. In addition, its silent noise reduction is far lower than the industry and national standards.
In terms of maintenance and upgrading, all BWM-4S rollers and back wheels are designed to be lubricated without subsequent maintenance; the internal and external anti-corrosion coating can be repainted and maintained within the normal range of use.

Post time: Mar-07-2022