70m SITRAK Concrete pump truck

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Unit KNL5540THB 70-6RZR

pumpcrete parameters

Total length mm 16230
Total width mm 2550
Total height mm 4000
Total weight kg 54000

boom outrigger parameter

Boom vertical height m 70
Boom horizontal length m 64
Boom vertical depth m 52
Minimum unfolded height m 10
First boom Rotation ° 89°
Second boom Rotation ° 180°
Third boom Rotation ° 180°
Fourth boom Rotation ° 240°
Fifth boom Rotation ° 210°
Sixth boom Rotation ° 110°
Slewing frame rotation angle   ±360°
Front leg spread width mm 12700
Back swing leg extended width mm 14620

pumping system parameters

Theoretical displacement of concrete m3/h 160
Theoretical pumping pressure Mpa 10
Inner diameter of delivery cylinder mm 260
Delivery cylinder stroke mm 2100
Hydraulic pressure system   Open loop
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 800
Water tank volume L 1000
 Delivery pipeline diameter mm 125
End hose length m 3000
End hose diameter mm 125

truck chassis parameters

Chassis model   ZZ5546V52KMF1B
Engine model   MC13.54-61
Engine power KW/rpm 400/1800
Emission Standards   National6
Fuel tank capacity L 400
Displacement L 12420
Maximum speed km/h 90

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