SC Common Three Drive Construction Elevator Series

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Direct starting and braking, safe and reliable, strong in adaptability

Simple in structure, practical, easy to use, durable, low in cost

Convenient in maintenance

2 sets or 3 sets of transmission gear

model main parameters Independent height/arm length


Main Limb/Standard Section Size


SC200/200Construction elevator

60m/double drive/frequency conversion 0.65xO.65x1.508

Hanging cage size1.5x2.4x3.0m

60m/Triple drive 0.65x0.65x1.508

Hanging cage sizel.5x2.4x3.0m

60m/Triple drive/frequency conversion 0.65x0.65x1.508

Hanging cage size l.5x2.4x3.0m

0m/double drive/frequency conversion 0.65x0.65x1.508

Hanging cage size l.5x2.4x3.0m

0m/Triple drive 0.65x0.65x1.508

Hanging cage size l.5x2.4x3.0m

0m/Triple drive/frequency conversion 0.65x0.65x1.508

Hanging cage size1.5x2.4x3.0m

The SC series construction elevator of YXG brand is driven by gear and rack. lt adopts advanced technology at home and abroad.After years of self digestion and innovation, the design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the installation and disassembly is convenient, the appearance is beautiful, and the work is safe and reliable.The standard section specifications are 650 x 650 x 1508 and 800 x 800 x 1508. There are SCD 2-drive without counterweight, SC 3-drive without counterweight and variable frequency control. The equipment is suitable for the construction personnel and material transportation of bridges, chimneys, buildings and other high-rise buildings with a height of more than 60m, and can also be used as a warehouse, wharf and other places as vertical transportation.The company s latest micro control automatic leveling device,floor wireless pager, overload voice alarm (for users to choose). The equipment has complete functions. The three functions can be used alone or combined at will. t can be integrated on the same computer motherboard to realize automatic operation.

SC construction elevator series technical parameter table

Main parameters/model Pattern

Rated load capacity


installation height


Rated lifting speed


Motor Power


SC200/200 Triple drive




SC200/200 Frequency conversion double drive



0-33m/min 3x11kw
SC200/200 Frequency conversion triple drive






◆ The standard specification of the internal size of the hanging cage is 3.2x1.5x2.5m, and the specifications are also available: 2.5x1.3x2.5m; 3x1.3x2.5m; 3.6x1.5x2.5m;

3.8x1.5x2.5m; 4.0x1.5x2.5m; 4.2x1.5x2.5m, the size of the cage can also be made according to customer needs.

Rated load capacity, lifting speed and other parameters can be made according to customer requirements.

◆The general specification of the standard section is 650x650x1508mm, which can also be made according to customer needs.

◆Special imported products for motor and reducer can be selected according to customer needs.

◆Type wall mount is suitable for installing lifts less than or equal to 150m

◆It is not recommended to use a heavy duty lifter when the installation height is above 200m.


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